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Factors Responsible For Child Labour In India |

Nida Yousuf, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


A child is the giftof God and we cherish every gift of our almighty. But in case of the child thesituation is very different.  In Indiathe childhood of various children is lost due to the unexpected burden that isbeen put upon their little shoulders. In the age of giggling and playing thechildren get exposed to a disastrous environment where things are beyond theirimagination. They behave like taught robots who only deliver the learned thingsand not able to apply their own thoughts. They are put in to the labour forceforcibly or sometimes circumstances make them to do so. These small childrenlose their identity, and get lost in the crowd, people don’t call them by theirown name but one common name is given to them and they get a new name:Child Labour. But did we ever realise the basic cause behind thistrouble. The answers are many but one of the major reason is- Poverty.