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A Time Motion Study In the Opd Clinic of a Tertiary Health Hospital In Mumbai |

Bhumika Singh, P. J. Jain, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


A time motion studywas conducted to know the time taken in different service delivery points inoutpatient department and to assess the perception of beneficiaries regardingthe total time spent in the OPD. The study was conducted at Bhatia hospital.About 192 patients were included in the study. According to 46.88 % population,total time was too long. 42.70 % population was not satisfied about the totaltime taken in the OPD. 29.16 % population had given the suggestion. 42.86 % ofthe population (who had given any suggestion) suggested appointing moredoctors. Much more in-depth research work on Time Motion study is required forproper time management in different health care delivery system and subsequentremedial steps can be taken accordingly.