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“An Analysis on the Role of Multisensor Fusion and Integration In Robotics Manipulation” |

Lect. M. Ramesh Babu, Dr. Vinit Kumar, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


The use of multisensor integration and fusion enables a multisensor-basedmobile robot to operate in uncertain or unknown dynamic environments. Afterfirst distinguishing between multisensor integration and the more restrictednotion of multisensor fusion, the role of multisensor integration and fusion inthe operation a mobile robot is described with reference to the type ofinformation that the integrated multiple sensors can uniquely provide therobot. Hypothetical mobile robot architecture is used to illustrate the genericfunctions necessary for intelligent autonomous mobility. A variety of proposedhigh-level representations for multisensory information are presented, alongwith a discussion of different sensor combinations that have been used inmobile robots. The paper concludes with short descriptions of a selection ofdifferent mobile robots to illustrate the role of multisensor integration andfusion in their operation.