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A Study on the Influence of Habitat Quality on the Water Bird Species |

Pooja Gill, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Wetlands are also called as “biological supermarkets”because of extensive food chain and rich biodiversity that they support. Theyplay major roles in the landscape by providing unique habitats for a wide rangeof flora and fauna. Wetlands support and maintain a diverse community of birds.Wetland birds are broadly defined as „birds ecologically dependent on wetlands‟and include recognized groups popularly known as wildfowl, waterfowl,shorebirds and waders (Jayson, 2002). Man has been aware of the link betweenbirds and wetlands for thousands of years. These habitats are useful for birdsfor breeding, nesting and rearing of young. Declining number of wetlandsassociate birds is partly attributed to the loss of wetlands.