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Assessment of Muscular Endurance and Flexibility Between Active and Inactive Male College Students |

Dr. Shailesh Kumar Singh, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Objectives: The purpose of this study was to compare the Muscular Endurance andFlexibility between Active and Inactive male college students. Selection of Subjects: The subjects were 30 volunteermale college students. They were 19-23 years old who were assigned into active(n=15) and inactive (n=15) groups. Subjects of the active group participatedcontinuously in ten sessions of physical activity per week from LNIPE,Guwahati, while subjects in inactive group had no specific exercises fromvarious Education colleges. The criteria for participating in the studyincluded having public health and a specific diet, lack of a regular trainingprogram for inactive group, and having a regular training program for theactive group. After selection, purpose and methodology as well as the researchapplications were explained to the subjects. Confidentiality of response wasguaranteed. Methods and Materials: The following Muscular Strengthand Flexibility were selected as variables for the study. The Muscular Endurance was measured by one minute correctCurl- up (Crunch) Abdominal Endurance (in Nos.) and Flexibility was measured byYMCA Adult trunk flexion (Sit and reach) test (in Inches). Statistical Analysis: To Compare Muscular Endurance and Flexibility between Active and Inactivemale College students Mean, Standard Deviation and t-test was used. The Levelof Significance was set at .05 levels. Conclusions: The results of the present study showed significant differences inMuscular Endurance and Flexibility components between Active and Inactive maleCollege students, where Active students were found better than Inactivestudents.