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The Comparative Analysis on Associations Concerning Market Orientation and Strategic Orientations: Study on Performance of Sme |

Sunita Rani, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


One of the strongestconvictions in marketing is that market orientation contributes to firms’performance substantially more than alternative strategic orientations such asinnovation and entrepreneurial orientations. Still, some studies show thatalternative orientations can also substantially affect the performance offirms, and furthermore, that firms that combine market orientation withalternative orientations are likely to perform even better than firms adoptingonly market orientation. Also, the nature of the relationship between marketorientation and other strategic orientations is not clear. The purpose of thispaper is to deal with these discrepancies in the marketing literature. Ithighlights the importance of the study of the relationship between marketorientation and alternative strategic orientations, examines the effect ofmarket orientation on different orientations, and identifies the orientationsthat are more likely to be combined with market orientation. Performance of Small andMedium Enterprises (SMEs) has been considered as one of the most importantdriving force behind economies of both developed and developing countries dueto their multiple contributions. In most of the developing countries, theperformance of the SMEs is a key issue today. Strategic orientation of SMEs isone of the most critical factors for their success.