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“A Research Upon Numerous Improvements and Possibilities of Cloud Computing” |

Rajkumar, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Cloud computing is a globalized concept and there are noborders within the cloud. Computers used to process and store user data can belocated anywhere on the globe, depending on where the capacities that arerequired are available in the global computer networks used for cloudcomputing. Because of the attractive features of cloud computing manyorganizations are using cloud storage for storing their critical information.The data can be stored remotely in the cloud by the users and can be accessedusing thin clients as and when required. One of the major issue in cloud todayis data security in cloud computing. Storage of data in the cloud can be riskybecause of use of Internet by cloud based services which means less controlover the stored data. One of the major concern in cloud is how do we grab allthe benefits of the cloud while maintaining security controls over theorganizations assets. A common understanding of “cloud computing” iscontinuously evolving, and the terminology and concepts used to define it oftenneed clarifying. Press coverage can be vague or may not fully capture theextent of what cloud computing entails or represents, sometimes reporting howcompanies are making their solutions available in the “cloud” or how “cloudcomputing” is the way forward, but not examining the characteristics, models,and services involved in understanding what cloud computing is and what it canbecome. Cloudcomputing has formed the conceptual and infrastructural basis for tomorrow’scomputing. The global computing infrastructure is rapidly moving towards cloudbased architecture. While it is important to take advantages of could basecomputing by means of deploying it in diversified sectors, the security aspectsin a cloud based computing environment remains at the core of interest. Cloudbased services and service providers are being evolved which has resulted in anew business trend based on cloud technology.