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An Analysis on the Use of Organic Agri-Biotech In Green Technology and Sustainable Agriculture Development |

Sant Kumar Srivastava, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The organic agro-biotech for green growth and sustainabledevelopment study is aimed to develop a conceptual framework that captures therelevant dimensions of livelihoods and adoption of innovation for the analysisof green growth and sustainable development. Study complemented the widelyaccepted sustainable livelihoods framework with the organic agro-biotech thatallow addressing economic and non-economic aspects of rural households and theprocess of developing nature friendly livelihood strategies. The alternativeorganic farming is potentially a profitable enterprise, with a growing globalmarket, already being supplied by more than 90 developing countriesEntrepreneurs see a market for selling food that has been grown chemical free.Local consumers in India have a fairly well-developed perception about organicproduce, are interested in buying certified organic foods, and even willing topay more for them.