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E-Learning: an Approach to Evaluate Subjective Questions For Online Examination System Using Data Similarity: Research Paper |

Manisha Malyal, Ms. Sudheshna, Dr. Soniya, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


In recent years we have seen that a number ofgovernments, semi government examinations are gone online, for example [IBPSCommon Written Examination (CWE)]. This system or any other such systems areadvantages in terms of saving resources. However we have observed that thesesystems cater only multiple choice questions and there is no provision toextend these systems to subjective questions. Our objective is to design analgorithm for the automatic evaluation of single sentence descriptive answer.The paper presents an approach to check the degree of learning of thestudent/learner, by evaluating their descriptive exam answer sheets. Byrepresenting the descriptive answer in the form of graph and comparing it withstandard answer are the key steps in our approach.