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Contemporary Issues In Marketing |

Akhileshwar Singh Arora, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Marketing in the 21stcentury has been altered beyond recognition, becoming more mobile, social andconnected.  The result is that marketers,rather than being a relatively monolithic group of professionals, havemetastasized into a hodgepodge of specialists including designers,mathematicians and technologists.  That’screating altogether new problems we need to solve.       Integral components ofmarketing, customer and factors like socio-cultural, economic, demographicfactors of marketing macro and microenvironment are inextricably interlinkedand do interact, leading to continuous change in the needs and preferences ofconsumers, which in turn spurs marketers to innovate their products andservices in response to ever changing market dynamics, thus making ‘change’ asthe only continuous and permanent feature of marketing, like any otherdiscipline. Excellent Marketing isnot an accident but a seamless effort of planning and execution of state – of--the art strategies. It’s a challenge for today’s marketers to stay ahead andfulfill consumers constantly changing demands.