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Green Marketing In India: New Hopes, Challenges and Opportunities |

Akhileshwar Singh Arora, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Inthe modern era of globalization, it has become a challenge to keep thecustomers as well as consumers in fold and even keep our natural environmentsafe and that is the biggest need of the time. The term Green Marketing is thebuzzword used in industry which is used to describe business activities whichattempt to reduce the negative effect of the products / services offered by thecompany to make it environmentally friendly. Marketingbeing an inevitable function of an organization should ideally hold the balancebetween economic and social goals i.e. it not only has to satisfy customers inparticular, but also has to take into account the interests of society ingeneral. To cater with problems of principles, ethics and moral dilemmas,marketing needs to have a broader perspective to serve the society &environment which is being executed by various companies by embracing the newconcept of “Green Marketing.” Thispaper describes concept, need and importance of Green-Marketing. Challenges andopportunities businesses have with green marketing and why companies areadopting it?  Datahas been collected from multiple sources. Many research papers, journals,websites, newspapers and books have been consulted.