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A Study on Emerging Trends In Management |

Vijay Deswal, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


The nature of work is changing in ways that require innovation in howleaders engage and manage their workforces.  Technology has createdvirtual workplaces, resulting in co-workers being widely dispersed and workingat different times of the day. The mixture of people in the workforce isevolving too, spanning generations and geographies with a demographic morediverse and reflective of the communities where companies are located. Despitethe global recession, employees continue to enjoy more choice of where to work.They no longer plan to stay with a company for life, leading to increasedjob-hopping and cross-fertilization of workplace cultures. In response to thesechallenges, the best workplaces focus not just on workers’ basic economic andsecurity needs, but on creating meaningful work and supportive social networksfor employees.