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A Study on the Impact of Information Technology on Library Services |

Saroj Bala, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


It has been observed thatthe application of Information Technology to services delivery in tertiaryinstitutions’ libraries in India is scanty thereby making its effectsrestricted. This study is therefore, geared towards investigating the effectsof Information Technology applications on library services. In order tosuccessfully carry out this study, a survey research method was adopted usingquestionnaire and interview as the major instruments for data collection. Thiswas complemented by personal observation. Descriptive statistical method wasused for data presentation, analysis and interpretation. It was revealed at theend of the study that a very limited number of IT facilities exist in thetertiary institutions’ libraries thereby limiting its impact. It lessens theworks of the staff, the library’s online journals supplement the availablejournals in the library, and makes research easier for the users.Recommendations are also given to ameliorate the present situation. Some ofthese include the provision of adequate fund for the procurement andmaintenance of Information Technology facilities, provision of constant powersupply, and meeting the training needs of both staff and users of theselibraries.