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Edusat & Distance Education Through Web-Based Learning, E-Mails or Multimedia Presentations |

Rekha Mittal, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


The dynamics ofglobalization and hence the new economy is demanding a new class of graduateswho are highly skilled and motivated to perform a variety of tasks. If on oneside the industry expects from the graduates a great deal of knowledge in theirrespective disciplines, the industry equally expects on the other side a highdegree of competence in soft skills; be it communication or team work. If we talk about thehigher technical education, the universities and institutions are unfortunatelyplagued by a critical challenge – the paucity of quality teachers to addressthe needs of the industry. The issue of paucity of teachers in the thrust areasof engineering education is so visible that there are no faculty members evenin some of the highly reputed institutions to handle thrust area subjects likeEmbedded Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Internet Programming andMultimedia Computing. Getting quality teachers and retaining them for along-term are indeed significant challenges.