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Simulation of a Solar Cell Model In Matlab For Grid-Connected Pv Based Generation System |

Aziz Ahmad, Mohammed Shahid, Sanjay Kumar, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Photovoltaic (PV)creation is rising increasingly fast as a renewable energy basis. This paper presents modeling andimitation of the network-linked PV creation system under MATLAB.  The PV producer is linked to the boost DC-DCconverter, the control systems based on the utmost power point tracking (MPPT)with P&O algorithm assists PV array to produce the utmost power to thenetwork with change weather circumstances and then incorporated into the ACvalue network by DC/AC inverter manage the power active and reactive forachieved the unity power factor in connection point. In this paper, dissimilarcases are simulated, and the consequences have established the validity ofmodels and control schemes.