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An Analysis upon the Use of Cloud Computing Environment for Designing of Governance Model | Original Article

Anita Soni*, Kalpana ., in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Over the past years, many businesses, government and individuals have been started to adopt the internet and web-based technologies in their works to take benefits of costs reduction and better utilization of existing resources. The cloud computing is a new way of computing which aims to provide better communication style and storage resources in a safe environment via the internet platform. The E-governments around the world are facing the continued budget challenges and increasing in the size of their computational data so that they need to find ways to deliver their services to citizens as economically as possible without compromising the achievement of desired outcomes. Considering E-government is one of the sectors that is trying to provide services via the internet so the cloud computing can be a suitable model for implementing E-government architecture to improve E-government efficiency and user satisfaction. Information and communication technology (ICT) is an emerging era of present decade and playing a vital role for the advancement of our global society. As the popularity of ICT enabled application is increasing E-Governance has been established as a revolution not only in developed country but also in developing nations. E-Governance is a way to achieve good governance through ICT in order to have better citizen participation. The sole aim of E-Governance is to establish strong and transparent relationship between citizens, government organization and business organization so that a faith could be developed among all. This could also ensure improved services, optimized Government process and an ideal democratic environment for government operations. The cloud computing is a vibrant application development which provide solution for all E-Governance infrastructure development at lower cost and less time requirements.