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Sustainable Development: Agriculture Scenario In India |

Tasvir Singh, Dr. Chander Mohan, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


In this paper, we examine and elaborate sustainabledevelopment agriculture   scenario   in India. Sustainability is best viewed as asocially instituted process of adaptive change in which innovation is anecessary element. In the current scenario, India has been witnessing a blinding pace ofgrowth and development. There is talk of the country leapfrogging into theleague of developed nations sooner than later. But this growth has raisedconcerns from sundry quarters as regards its basic texture and health. Expertsare now calling for “Sustainable Development” and the term has gained currencyin the last few years. In spite of Agriculture Sector, there is fast growth invarious sectors. So agriculture remains the backbone of the Indian economy.This paper attempts to tackle and explore the issue of sustainable developmentin agriculture in India. The objective are to compare the sustainableagriculture system with the traditional system and the current system inpractice, across the dimensions of ecological, economic and socialsustainability. The paper is based on secondary sources of data such asvarious manuals, reports published by departments of GOI, journals, magazines,newspapers, websites etc.