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Unsteady MHD Flow past an Infinite Vertical Porous Plate with Heat and Mass Transfer | Original Article

Bhagwat Swaroop*, Satish Kumar, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


In the present paper we shall discuss unsteady flow, with heat and mass transfer, in an incompressible, electrically conducting, and viscous fluid through a time dependent porous medium past an infinite porous vertical plate with constant suction/injection in the presence of a uniform magnetic field applied perpendicular to the flow region. It is considered that the plate is subjected to a constant suction/injection velocity normal to the plate the flow is through a non-homogeneous porous medium. The effects of various parameters on primary velocity, secondary velocity, temperature field and concentration field have been discussed with the help of figures while the effects of important parameters on in skin-friction due to primary and secondary velocities, rate of heat and mass transfer have been discussed with the help of tables.