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Eco-Degradation: a Threat to Nature |

Tasvir Singh, Dr. Chander Mohan, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Human have come a long way from the unicellular form,through intermediary stages, to the developing civilization and finally to whatwe are now. It is not the memory but the knowledge which brought profoundchanges in human life. The breakthroughs where knowledge became science, camewith a number of systems (language, institutions, agriculture, writing,printing, schools, communication, computers, internet…) human developed. It isobvious that the power of knowledge has multiplied very rapidly in the past fewyears, but so have our environmental problems. The question now is, whether ourknowledge tool will be able to outrun our problems and will be able to keepdoing so forever. It may well be that a new class of problems will manifest,outside the scope of knowledge, and that a new way of thinking will be needed.Albert Einstein has once said that the problems that exist in the world todaycannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them. If science,technology and human nature have caused our global problems, what hope do wehave of solving them using the same? Science, scientists and technology, areour hope for the future, but do we know their strengths and weaknesses?Scientists are often not aware of their limitations and those imposed by the systemsthey have created themselves, or the confines placed upon them by society.Scientists by nature of their specialization have isolated themselves from thepublic and society at large. Communication is necessary to allow the public toplay their part and to make science benefit society. Technology is behavinglike a runaway monster, totally out of control. The question remains: can we control it and do we want to? Perhaps we won't beable to solve our problems because our world view is incorrect. The new worldview requires us to alter our laws, placing sustainability at the top and allelse below it. Perhaps we will need to turn all our thinking upside down. Nosmall task indeed, but this will make future look brighter and the human torule nature.