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Analysis of Synthesis and Magnetic Characterization of Iron Oxide |

H. G. Kale, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


In the context of the diminishing fossil energy resourcesand global warming, much research is focused on sustainable energy sources. Theresearch that is presented in this category as it contributes to thedevelopment of a device that stores solar energy into a chemical fuel. Thisdevice is based on the photoelectrolysis of water in a tandem-cell thatproduces hydrogen and oxygen under illumination of sunlight.literature The aimof this paper is to improve the photooxidation activity of iron oxidephotoanodes in order to improve the practical conversion efficiency of thetandem-cell. For this purpose we have prepared thin films of nano-structurediron oxide with various deposition methods and characterized their performanceon the photooxidation of water.