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An Analysis Upon Effect of Social Media on Development and Awareness of Fmcg Goods Through Advertising |

Sangeeta Choudhary, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Social is an essentialpart of the marketing mix in marketing offline media. We want to give smallbusiness on shot budgets an alternative to hiring a social media-marketingagency or paying for social media marketing services. Social marketing is thenext generation of business engagement it is the inspiring resource of thecustomer. New platforms, social media has taken the power of the world to newlevels transforming companies, society communication such as you tube, twitter,flickers, face book and so on. Social networking web sites allow individual tointeract with one another and build relationship, brand awareness and often,improving customer service. Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) are products that are required byalmost all users in their day today life. The advertisements for these productsneed more attention in terms of creating responsiveness among the consumers fortheir purchase decision. Hence, the present work intends to study whether theadvertisements for FMCG products are effective in creating responsiveness. Social Media Networkingis a genuine cultural phenomenon, having become the India’s most popular onlinesector in less than ten years. As social media consumes ever-greater amounts ofleisure time, how to use this new channel effectively has become perhaps themost important question facing the marketing profession. Although social mediapresents challenges to all sectors, this report looks at how marketers of FastMoving Consumer Goods (FMCG) brands can best use social media to engage withtheir core customers. The social media can create brand awareness a constantneed for learning and developing new knowledge, for measuring and following up.Regarding the different degrees of brand awareness that there exist a clearstrategy for how to reach the different stages of brand awareness, from theweakest to the strongest (word-of-mouth).