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A Critical Study on Computer Memory and Its Management |

Rishi Mathur, Dr. D. D. Aggarawal, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Memory of a computer is organized into a regular pattern of containersfor information. These containers for information are called "words".Each one has a numeric address and each one is the same size as each of theothers. For most applications, it is inconvenient to refer to portions ofmemory by their numeric addresses, so programming languages allow us to allocateportions of memory by name. When we store information in the memory of acomputer we need to decide on how much we need for various purposes and on howit will be organized. Programming languages provide mechanism for"types" of information in memory. They also provide mechanisms toidentify repetitive arrays of items of the same type and to aggregate possiblyheterogeneous types under a common name.