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Plc Data Communication System: a Reconfigurable and Distributed Process and Embedded Control System |

N. Dhasarathan Alias Raja, R. Ravi Chandra, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


The impact of automation is visible in all areas of industry as wellas in everyday life. Automation makes the process control more efficient,increases productivity of work, manufacturing quality, decreases manufacturingcosts. Automation is still in development so that it could succeed in fillingall requirements of today’s technical advance. For this reason we daily meetnew questions about implementation of automation systems, their handling andexpanding. One of these is the question of communication in industrialapplications. In case of having more PLCs in one industrial network, it isnecessary to solve their inter-communication. We should deal with this questionin dependence on some facts, for example: used control system, used industrialnetwork, transmission reliability requirements and so on. In this article we wouldlike to present a solution for intercommunication between PLCs in oneindustrial network by S7 communication. S7 communication via IndustrialEthernet allows program-controlled communication using communication SFBs/FBsvia configured S7 connections.