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Changing Attitude Towards Physical Education and Modern Lifestyles |

Naveen Kumar, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Today the technology has changed life style of manlargely and it will continue to do so.Physical work of person living in very fast lifestyle and pushbutton technologyhas become negligible. Things that were produced by labors system have beenreplaced by machines. Due to this reason man of today losing health andhappiness. People become idle and dependent on technology. Obesity is thebiggest issue now a day. Many inventions have been made by the medical science.They invent to cure the person after they become ill. Not all the personsattached to respective field should be inactive. On the contrary, they should beactive to ensure that they may not be ill. We always say-‘Prevention is betterthan cure’. We should concentrate on contributing factors ofphysical-happiness. We should spare some time for physical labors, exercise,naturopathy, yoga & Asana, walking, jogging, swimming, recreational gamesto be healthy and fit in modern technologically featured life. We should knowas to what are the physiological aspects among constituents of physicalhappiness, and what should be done for its proper development and what shouldbe done for problem have developed. Persons work in various fields, if foodhabits are according to their duties and type of work, then serious problems ofhealth do not rise. In existing circumstances, health and hygiene are importantfor everybody. Physical- Education is not only limited to physical activitiesbut it helps to develop the art of learning, leaving intellectuality andattitude towards life. From the ancient time sports and games have been thepart of human instinct to enjoy life and be happy. In tune with the growth ofman and the value system in the society around him, the intensity and the goalof games and sports have changed. The modern era of science and technology isfeatured by the analysis and accuracy of questioning mind with a deterministicapproach and economy based value system in the society. In tune with this thesophistication and complexities in sports and games have also increased.