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Effect of Weight Training on Anthoropometric Characteristics Among Students of Physical Education |

Surender Kumar, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The purpose of this study was to determine the effects ofweight training on chest Muscle circumference, Upper arm muscle circumference,fore arm muscle circumference, thigh Muscle circumference and calf musclecircumference. In this study fifty male students of K.M. Govt. Collage Narwana,were selected as subjects and where divided into two equal groups namelyexperimental group and control group. The experimental group was treated withweight training and No training was given to the control group. The duration oftraining programmer was forty two days. The training was administrated onalterative day‘s i.e. three days per week. The data collecte before and at theend of the six weeks training programme, with the help of steel tape. Thecriterion measures were recorded in centimeters. To find t-test was employedand mean difference between pretest and posttest of on chest muscle  circumference upper arm muscle circumference,fore arm, muscle circumference and calf muscle circumference and in case ofthigh muscle circumference no significant effect was found on experimental groupwhen compared with control group. Therefore, the weight training programmedesigned for this study might not be effective on thigh muscle circumference.The significant effect on subjects of experimental group might be due to thenature of weight training programme designed in the present study for theduration of six weeks.