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A Research Upon Effective Approaches and Application of Data Mining For Decision Making In Health Care System |

Sujeet Varshney, Meena Patel, K. Sharat Chandra Reddy, Mohit Chhabra, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Data Mining is one of the most motivating areas of research that isbecome increasingly popular in health organization. Data Mining plays animportant role for uncovering new trends in healthcare organization which inturn helpful for all the parties associated with this field. This surveyexplores the utility of various Data Mining techniques such as classification,clustering, association, regression in health domain. In this paper, we presenta brief introduction of these techniques and their advantages and disadvantages.This survey also highlights applications, challenges and future issues of DataMining in healthcare. Healthcare presentsunique challenges for the architect of a data warehouse. Integrated healthsystems are shifting its focus away from the acute care setting and movingtowards cross-continuum care management. Improving healthcare quality whilereducing costs requires the elimination of unnecessary variation in the careprocess. This paper describes the lessons learned during the business casedevelopment for the project. Topics include establishing the need for a datawarehouse, understanding data warehousing in healthcare, justifying the cost ofa data warehouse, building the team, and setting achievable goals. In this paper, we havefocused to compare a variety of techniques, approaches and different tools andits impact on the healthcare sector. The goal of data mining application is toturn that data are facts, numbers, or text which can be processed by a computerinto knowledge or information. The main purpose of data mining application inhealthcare systems is to develop an automated tool for identifying anddisseminating relevant healthcare information. Tendency for data miningapplication in healthcare today is great, because healthcare sector is richwith information, and data mining is becoming a necessity. Healthcareorganizations produce and collect large volumes of information on daily basis.Use of information technologies allows automatization of processes forextraction of data that help to get interesting knowledge and regularities,which means the elimination of manual tasks and easier extraction of datadirectly from electronic records, transferring onto secure electronic system ofmedical records which will save lives and reduce the cost of the healthcareservices, as well and early discovery of contagious diseases with the advancedcollection of data. Data mining can enable healthcare organizations to predicttrends in the patient conditions and their behaviors, which is accomplished by dataanalysis from different perspectives and discovering connections and relationsfrom seemingly unrelated information. Raw data from healthcare organizationsare voluminous and heterogeneous. They need to be collected and stored in theorganized forms, and their integration enables forming of hospital informationsystem. Healthcare data mining provides countless possibilities for hiddenpattern investigation from these data sets. These patterns can be used byphysicians to determine diagnoses, prognoses and treatments for patients inhealthcare organizations.