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Changing Patterns of Agricultural Land Use. Case Study of Distt. Bhiwani |

Vikram Parmar, Dr. Mukesh Yadav, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Agriculture is one ofthe oldest and the most important occupation of man. It is an economic activityof growing crops and raising livestock. It is primarily a function of climate,soil and man’s skill. More particularly, it is an interaction between physicaland non-physical factor. In a country like India, where a majority of peoplelive in the rural areas and earn their livelihood from the land itself, thespeedy development of agriculture is quite vital. A better agriculture is thebasis to an organized economic life, as it constitutes its backbone. Ifagriculture fails, the entire economy of the nation is shaken. An agriculturalgeographer studies and analyses different types of agriculture land use, thepossibilities of its development, its similarities and dissimilarities withother areas, etc. In the days of advanced technology agricultural geographershave added responsibilities.In India, a large percentage of total population subsistsdirectly or indirectly on agriculture. Indian agriculture contributes about 50%of the national income and provides subsistence to over 70% of people. Itprovides raw materials for the agro based industries and fodders for thelivestock as well.