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An Analysis Upon Enhancing the Qos Oriented Hybrid Multipath Routing Protocol For Manet |

Anurag Misra, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


A Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) is acollection of mobile nodes, which dynamically form a temporary network, withoutusing any infrastructure like wireless access points or base-stations. Theprovision of QoS guarantees is much more challenging in Mobile Ad hoc Networks.There are many interesting applications such as multimedia services, disaster recoveryetc can be supported if Quality-of-Service (QoS) support can be provided forMANETs. But QoS provisioning in MANETs is a very challenging problem whencompared to wired IP networks. In Mobile ad hoc networks (MANET), the quality of service (QoS) dependson the available resources in the network and node mobility as mobility mayresult in frequent route failures. Some existing hybrid approach of multi-pathrouting technique rarely considers QoS metrics for path selection. In thispaper, we propose a QoS enhanced hybrid multi-path routing protocol for MANET.In this protocol, topology discovery is performed proactively and routediscovery is performed in the reactive manner. In proactive topology discoveryphase, each node collects the battery power, queue length and residualbandwidth of every other nodes and stores in the topology information table(TIT). By exchanging the TIT among the nodes, the topology is discovered. Whenthe source node wants to forward the data packet to the destination, it utilizesthe reactive route discovery technique where the multiple paths are establishedusing multi-path Dijkstra algorithm. When any intermediate node does notrecognize the next 2-hop information from TIT towards destination, the newmulti-path route discovery is performed. By simulation results, it is shownthat the proposed approach reduces the overhead. In cache based multipath routing protocols, several issues ariseduring cache updating and management. To resolve this, intelligent caching andredundant cache management techniques are proposed for QoS aware HybridMultipath Routing Protocol. In redundant cache, some information about theupstream path is attached to make a quicker response and reduce the averageend-to-end latency. Intelligent cache technique is used to save the pathdiscovered during route discovery and make the decision when the route isbroken. This technique stores a new route without erasing the number of knownroute entries in the cache.