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Hospital Management Systems: Changing Organizational Performance and Improving Patient Safety In Hospitals |

Manaswitha Ajila, Dr. Abha Purohith, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Hospital culture dolesout to encumber efforts at incessant smart and hard work to improve patienthealthcare outcomes as well as organizational performance and humanizingpatient safety in hospitals. First, the standing difference among providers,for example, in hospital medical/surgical wards, is often a barrier to improvedquality of service delivery and unit interpersonal communications. Physicians,certainly, rightly bear all of the influence and conscientiousness forpatient-related pronouncement. But physicians, since of this status, are notconfidentially involved in teaming with other providers when involvementefforts are undertaken. Group meetings which are held by provider stafftypically do not engage physicians in discussions of individual patient bedsidecare.