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A Study on Kinetics of Decomposition of the Metal Oxides |

Muralidhara K, Dr. Prabhunath Misra, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Differential thermal analysis (DTA) and thermo-gravimetry(TG) of the individual oxalates and of mixtures of zinc oxalate with eithernickel/iron oxalate or products of decomposition of the latter two, werecarried out in air in sample cells made of different materials (Pt, Al, Al2O3,Ni). The information gathered from thermo analytical experiments, together withinformation derived from specific chemical tests for the evolution of carbonmonoxide during decomposition, chemical analyses, XRD and stoichio-metric andthermo-chemical considerations helped to specify some of the inadequately explainedfeatures of the courses and kinetics of decomposition of the metal oxalates.