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An Analysis of Tribal Development In India |

Mozammel Haque, Dr. Manas Chakrabarty, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


The policy followed by the government for the developmentof the Scheduled Tribes in independent India bears a strong imprint of thecolonial legacy. It is therefore necessary to understand the main constituentsof the tribal policy during the British period. Unlike Africa,the British adopted direct rule in respect of the tribal population. The resultwas that the tribal area was integrated with the administration of theprovinces or of the native Indian states. In areas of tribal concentration,there was an attempt to reclaim the people the civilization though (a)pararnalistic rule by District officers (b) keeping these regions out of thepurview of general laws which will alien to tribal ethos or undermined it; (c)laying down simple rules to settle disputes among the tribal people; (d) makingprovision for special agrarian laws; (e) regulation of entry of aliens oftribal areas and (f) strengthening tribal institutions and leadership.