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A Comparative Analysis on Achievement, Psychological Factor and Sports Anxiety Between Team and Individual Players |

Sandeep, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The craze for winningmedals in the Olympics and other international competitions has catalyzed thesports scientists to take interest in exploring all the aspects andPossibilities which can contribute to enhance sports performance to undreamtheights. Sports involve extremely complex behavior issues. As a consequence ofintense competition a sports man’s behavior may undergo important change.Physical scientists and coaches have not be export only in the matter of skilltraining but also be engineers who understand the mechanism of human behavioror the playfield, under extremely diverse situation sports psychology as anapplied psychology has taken giant strides. physical, and socio-cultural.Physical influences are the inherited biological characteristics that causepeople to differ from each other. Socio cultural influences areinternalizations from the environment that surround the individual. Theseinfluences are absorbed from parents, educator, social institution and media,and are the product of the society in which the people live. The single shortexperimental research design was used in the comparison of certainphysiological variables among Combative and Non-Combative sports persons. Asimilar study may be conducted on the players of the other team and individualgames. The purpose of the present study is to investigatethe significant differences among the players of individual and team sports onthe variable achievement motivation. Comparingthe sport anxiety before, during and after the play, both the individual andteam sportsperson were found significantly higher in anxiety level during theplay than the before and after the play situation. The sports anxiety betweenthe individuals and teams sports found no significant difference before theplay and after the play. But there is significant different found during theplay i.e., individuals sportspersons were found significantly higher in sportsanxiety then the team sportspersons.