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A Comparative Study About Personality of Combative and Non-Combative Game Players In India |

Sandeep, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Personality is a termcommonly used by people concerned with almost every aspect of human interactionwhile interviewing applicants for positions in the field of education, theadministrative place great emphasis on the personality of the prospectiveemployee. A coach evaluate a player will often refer to his or her personality.Sports commentator is off or use “personality conflicts” to account for ateam’s power performance. Parents sometimes compare their children based onpersonality traits. Numerous other examples of the importance of personality inour society can be cited. In keeping with the focus of this, we will discusspersonality related to sports psychology. The main purpose ofthe present study was to find out the significant differences in personalitytraits of university level combative and non-combative sportspersons. For thepurpose of this study 20 combative players and 20 Non Combative players, total40 (n=40) subjects in the age group of 19 to 25 years studying in variouscolleges of Haryana were selected through purposive random sampling techniqueto constitute the sample. The subjects were judokas and cricket who hadparticipated in inter-university level of competition. To measure personalitycharacteristics among the subjects, personality inventory developed by Bhargava(1998) was used.