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“A Study on Tools to Measure Various Aspects of Quality Assurance In Education” |

Prof. Dr. G D Singh Marwaha, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Quality assurance in higher education has become not onlyan institutional and national issue across the Asia Pacific region but also aglobal one. Universities and colleges throughout the world today are focusingspecial attention on designing and implementing new quality assurancemechanisms and systems in order to ensure that students receive high qualityand relevant education and that degrees and diplomas are widely recognized.Such recognition is seen to be essential not only by national governments andemployers but also by other universities and employers internationally. Quality assurance in higher educationcan be defined as systematic management and assessment procedures adopted byhigher education institutions and systems in order to monitor performanceagainst objectives, and to ensure achievement of quality outputs and qualityimprovements. Essentially, quality assurance systems aim to provide appropriateevidence to substantiate claims made about quality and so to enable keystakeholders to have confidence about the management of quality and the levelof outcomes achieved.