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A Study on the Significance of Medical and Health Care Management Tourism In India |

Prof. Dr. G D Singh Marwaha, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Medical tourism is a new form of niche tourismincreasingly becoming popular in the current world and India has emerged as apopular destination for providing Global standards of health care at affordablecosts. More recently there has been a spatial shift in medical travelespecially to Asian countries from advanced economies. The term medical tourismis the act of travelling to other countries to obtain medical, dental andsurgical care. Connell (2006) describes medical tourism as a popularmass culture where people travel to overseas countries to obtain healthcareservices and facilities such as medical, dental and surgical care, whilsthaving the opportunity to visit tourist spots of that country. The objective ofthis study is to analyze the status, growth and impact effects of medicaltourism in complimenting the growth of hotel industry business in India.Complimentarily is a situation where the growth of one sector compliments thegrowth of another sector. The results show that there is significant growth ofmedical tourism in India, which is growing at the rate 30 % in 2015. Thestandards of medical treatment and hospital facilities provided to patientshave significantly improved in India with 21 hospitals In India already accreditedby JCI. India ranks 2nd in the world medical tourismsector. Globalization has further boosted the growth of Medical tourism and itis found to be complimenting the growth of hotel and travel industry businessin India. The study was conducted using secondary data and reports.