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A Parallel Electromagnetic Genetic-Algorithm Optimal Relevance For Patch Transmitter Design |

Ms. Nabanita Saha, Dr. Yash Pal Singh, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


A current trend inelectronics technology is the emphasis on growingly stringent system requirementsin both the commercial as well as military sectors, in addition toprimary-taining low costs in manufacturing, operations and primary. For themilitary, the new paradigm shift is toward network-cen-tric warfare, wherein amajor emphasis is placed on the com-plex interaction flanked by the variousinformation subsystems that comprise a complete military system. Hence, thedesire is to obtain a system that is capable of reconnaissance, data analysis,ordnance control, messages, etc., all in a real-time setting via an ad hocvirtual network.