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Selection of Fuel Stations: Role of Different Dimensions of Perceived Value on Customer Perception |

Sudhir Kumar Bisht, Dr. R. S. Rai, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


The research specificallyfocuses on the effect of Location of Fuel Station, Brand name and Quantity andQuality of fuel (QQ factor) in influencing the choice of customers towards aparticular Service Station. Quantitative study through close endedquestionnaire was carried out on 270 customers visiting populated Fuel Station(belonging to Indian Oil Corporation IOC, Bharat Petroleum BPC and HindustanPetroleum HPC) in Dwarka, New Delhi in order to determine the implication ofthese factors on customer behavior. The research revealed that these factors donot equally contribute towards the decision making process for the customersbut some of them are more significant than the others. The study purports tohelp the Petrol pump stations in making suitable strategies. Along with that,it will aid them and assist in taking precise decisions by knowing the behaviorof the customers and hence, their preferences in this regard. The study is limited totwo-wheelers, private cars and taxis only that use Petrol or diesel as fuel