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Uv-Visible Study of Optically Transparent Nickel Oxide Thin Film Prepared By Chemical Spray Pyrolysis Technique |

Ratnesh Sharma, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Highly transparent nickel oxide (NiO) thin film was depositedonto the glass substrates by using simple and economic Chemical spray pyrolysistechnique. Aqueous solution of nickel chloride () was used as a precursor solution. Theprecursor solution of molarity 0.5 M was sprayed through glass nozzle onpre-heated glass substrate. The substrate temperature was kept constant at 400°C during the film deposition. Optical property of prepared film was studied bymeans of UV-visible spectrophotometer in the spectral range 300-900 Ǻ. Opticalstudy revealed the excellent optical transparency of NiO film. Average transparencyabove 80% has been observed in the entire visible region which offered a strongcandidature for thin film based coating applications.