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Social Responsibilities of Entrepreneurs: Small Scale Industries of Agra Region |

Shikha Gupta, Prof. Pramod Kumar, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Entrepreneurs are thefuture of any country as they play a vital role in the economic development ofany country. Entrepreneurs are availing resources from society. There are somany schemes which are promoting young entrepreneurs in the society, hencesociety is concerned about them, motivating them but are entrepreneursresponsible towards society. The government of India is highly worried aboutThe Taj Mahal as it is the Diamond of India but the marble of Taj Mahal areturning yellow and cracked for stopping this the Government of India has takenmany steps but in spite of all the regulation the condition of Agra is pitiableand it is the responsibility of Entrepreneurs to follow all the regulations andsupport the government to make the environment clean. In this paper theresearchers have made an attempt to investigate social responsibility of smallscale entrepreneurs of Agra region. For this purpose two industries i.e. shoeindustry and Petha Industry have been selected. Personal interview techniquehas been used to collect data. This study concludes that the Entrepreneurs ofAgra should not only focus on profitability they should also take care of theenvironment and society as they are getting resources from society only, theyare responsible towards society. The small scale entrepreneurs of Agra are notdoing any CSR activity so at least they should work in an ethical manner theyshould provide healthy working condition to the labour, fair and regular pay tothe labour and should not dump the wastage on the road or into Yamuna. On theother hand regulations imposed by the government have made the youngentrepreneur to shift from Agra to other big cities which is not good thing butwhen we see Agra as a whole then these entrepreneurs have to follow these rulesand regulations for the wellbeing of Agra region.