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An Analysis Upon Relationships Among Back Strength and Efficiency Tests In Volleyball Players In India |

Raj Kumar, Dr. Kishore Kumar, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The purpose of thepresent study was to estimate the back strength and its correlations withselected anthropometric traits and performance tests in elite Indian volleyballplayers. Four anthropometric traits viz. height, weight, BMI and right lowerextremity length, two body composition parameters, viz. percent body fat andpercent lean body mass, three performance tests, viz. sit and reach test,illinois agility test and vertical jump test, and back strength were measuredon randomly selected 75 elite Indian volleyball players aged 18–25 years. An adequate number ofcontrols  were also taken from the sameplace for comparisons. In results, one way analysis of variance showedsignificant between-group differences  in all the variables between volleyball players of both the sexes andcontrols. In volley players, significantly positive correlations were foundbetween back strength and height, weight, right lower extremity length, percentlean body mass and vertical jump test, whereas significantly negativecorrelations  were found with percentbody fat and illinois agility test. In conclusion, it may be stated that backstrength had some strong positive correlations with three anthropometrictraits, one body composition component and one performance test in elite Indianvolleyball players.