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Human Rights and Challenges |

Ms. Priyanka Uppal, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Today`s emerging issuesof lives of common citizen are highlighted more by media which involvesviolation or abuse of human rights which include the right to freedom, right tolife, liberty and security, right to privacy, right to marry, prohibition ontorture or other cruel inhuman or degrading treatments or punishments, theright to be free from exploitation and sexual abuse. States are duty bound for aneffective remedy to protect individuals from such violations .Human rightsbelong to individuals as a consequence of being human, which are the basicneeds for sheer survival. Human rights are the birth right irrespective ofcaste, colour and creed, religion, sex and nationality. This current paper   highlights the challenges the states arefacing for the abuse of human rights in the hands of its judiciary,administration and Govt. Machinery.