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Comparative Study of Political and Social Culture of India In Rohinton Mistry's |

Mr. Guduru Venugopal Reddy, Prof. Dr. Gd Singh, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


This study is intended to work on the public,political among literary issues within the Fiction of Rohinton Mistry.  India is a multi-lingual, multi-culturalamong multi-ethnic country, among it is one of the main strains of postcolonialist toward records work should be carried on pro the sake of literarydevelopment, a national incorporation among global co-operation. The purpose ofthis study is to dwell on the consequences among helpfulness of records as wellas creative use of English within the creative writing of Rohinton Mistry viaorientation toward his novels Such a Long trip, A Fine Balance among RelationMatters. Rohinton Mistry mixes Hindi words along via Urdu, Gujarati among Parsiwords within his telling toward strengthening the impact of his description.Mistry being a Diasporic author experimented via the bilingual among thebicultural competence of the reader within creating a hybrid individualizedtoward is characteristically among multicultural Indian.