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Study of Stabilised Soil Bricks and Its Compressive Strength |

Vishakha Yadav, Dr. M. K. Trivedi, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


This paper presents thestudy of stabilized soil bricks and the influence of stabilizer on compressivestrength of soil bricks. For the study, locally available brown colour soil isused for production of bricks of size 230x110x75mm. This paper discusses theresults of test performed on soil like atterberg limit test, grain sizeanalysis, specific gravity test, compaction test etc. This brownish soilcontains less than 10% of clay, therefore 5% clay is mixed before usingstabilizer. In this study, OPC/PPC cement is used as a stabilizer. 5%, 8% and10% by weight of soil of OPC/PPC are used as stabilizer. The bricks ofstabilized soil is manufactured by hydraulic press at constant pressure of30KN. This soil has (79%) sand fraction and (20.9%) slit & clay. The drycompressive strength of bricks were determined for 7days & 28 days.