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“E-Commerce: a Growing Prospect from Traditional to E-Retailing” |

Ms. Rekha Kashyap, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Way of doing Businessnow a day’s is rapidly changing due to changes is usage of technologies toreach consumers. Now a day’s market is facing a measure change in its workingpattern and growth as well as pattern of investment. At present traditional retailing pattern inmarket is downsizing and the new developments in the market and retailingtechniques (E-retailing) is searching for a shift and its growth in varioussectors and the requisites of investment to be done as per global pattern ofbusiness/market. Traditional retailers and new/developing players all aretrying to work as per new retailing pattern. The emerging pattern of retailingthat is attracting consumers is Electronic retailing which is expanding anddeveloping very fast.