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An Analysis Upon Various Process and Model of Digital Forensic Investigation | Original Article

Patel Hiteshkumar Gunvantbhai, Dr. Jigar Patel, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Computer Forensics isessential for the successful prosecution of computer criminals. For a forensicinvestigation to be performed successfully there are a number of importantsteps that have to be considered and taken. The aim of this paper is to definea clear, step-by-step framework for the collection of evidence suitable forpresentation in a court of law. Existing forensic models will be surveyed andthen adapted to create a specific application framework for single computer,entry point forensics. The research introduces a structured and consistent approach fordigital forensic investigation. Digital forensic science provides tools,techniques and scientifically proven methods that can be used to acquire andanalyze digital evidence. The digital forensic investigation must be retrievedto obtain the evidence that will be accepted in the court. This researchfocuses on a structured and consistent approach to digital forensicinvestigation. This research aims at identifying activities that facilitate andimproves digital forensic investigation process. Existing digital forensicframework will be reviewed and then the analysis will be compiled. The resultfrom the evaluation will produce a new model to improve the whole investigationprocess.