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Combined Effect of Ggbs and Basalt Fiber on Standard Grade of Concrete |

B. Prakash Rao, Mohd. Younus Mohiuddin, M. A. Haleem, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


The second most consumed product in the world is Cement. Itcontributes nearly 7% of the global carbon dioxide emission. To reduce theeffect of carbon dioxide on environment an Industrial waste like GGBS is used.GGBS is considered as a more eco-friendly alternative to Ordinary Portlandcement (OPC). Concrete has a goodserviceability, but it is failing in some conditions due to the improper mixingwhich results in cracking. So the concrete is likely to be get mixed by othermaterial like fibers (Basalt Fiber), to get good serviceability The presentstudy carried out on concrete due to the effect of GGBS with Basalt fiber andcompared with Normal Concrete In this study we used concrete mixes with GGBS of0%, 5%, 10%and 15%, with addition of crimped Basalt  fibers of diameter 0.5 mm , at variouspercentages as 0%, 1.0 %, 2.0 % ,3.0 % and 4.0% by the volume in concrete on M25 grade of concrete. The Mechanicalproperties Such as Compressive strength and Tensile Strength of concretespecimens were determined at 7, 14 and 28 days. The test results shows that 1%BF+ 5% GGBS, 2% BF + 5% GGBS,3% BF + 5% GGBS, 4% BF + 5% GGBS shows theincreasing in compressive and tensile Strength. The compressive strength andTensile strength is been increased from 24.91N/mm2 and 3.493N/mm2for 0 % to 25.41 N/mm2 and 3.528 N/mm2. for B.F 4%+GGBS5%.