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Experimental Study on Partial Replacement of Coarse Aggregate By Coconut Shell and Fine Aggregate By Quarry Dust In Concrete |

K. Amareshwar, Mohd. Younus Mohiuddin, M. A. Haleem, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


In developing countrieswhere concrete is widely used, the high and steadily increasing cost ofconcrete has made construction very expensive. The production of concreterequires various materials like Cement, Fine aggregate and Coarse Aggregate.Due to extensively use of concrete which lead to an increase in cost ofmaterials. Therefore an alternate material is used for partial replacement ofFine aggregate and coarse aggregate in concrete. This project is experimentedto reduce the cost of concrete. In this research work experiments have beenconducted with collection of materials required and the data required for mixdesign are obtained by sieve analysis and specific gravity test. Sieve analysisis carried out from various fine aggregates (FA) and coarse aggregates (CA) samplesand the sample which suits the requirement is selected. Specific gravity testsare carried out for fine and coarse aggregate. In this project Fineaggregate is replaced by Quarry dust of 30 % along with the partial replacementof coarse aggregate with coconut shell. The coarse aggregate is replaced with10 %, 20%, 30% and 40 % by coconutshell. The design Mix used for the project isM20 grade (1:1.5:3) with W/C Ratio 0.5.The Conventional concrete and Coconut shell with quarry dustconcrete specimens were casted and tested for compressive strength and splittensile strength for 7 and 28 days The compressive strength of the CS10%+QD30%and CS20%+QD30% was 24.35N/mm2 and 24.98 N/mm2, Split tensile strength is3.454N/mm2 and 3.499N/mm2.