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An Analysis upon Various Security Problems in Cloud Based E-Learning Environment | Original Article

Mohammed Khaild Kaleem*, Manaullah Abid Husain, Suneel Dubey, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


E-Learning with the techniques of Cloud system is the most upcoming technology in IT field and many e-learning products can be established with the aid of cloud computing technology. Cloud computing environment gives very comfort and flexible functions invented in e-learning product, security is a major issue to be analyzed in e-learning at cloud based technology. So security issues and measures are the compulsory and essential to maintain secrecy of the users’ valuable data base stored in cloud servers. E-learning is computer enhanced learning. It is blend of learning services and technology to provide high values. Educational services that provide e-learning system need hardware, software and substantial investment for the same. In order to reduce costs, these services can be provided based on cloud technology. Cloud computing is a technology of storing and accessing of data over the cloud (internet) instead of personal computer hard disk or local servers. This paper discusses how cloud computing environment has raised as a best platform in providing e-learning services. At the same time it also gives a description of cloud architecture for electronic based learning. This paper presents an environment derived from both virtual and personal learning environments based on cloud computing which contains tools and techniques to enhance the education process. At the end, this paper also discusses the various issues to be focused, challenges in cloud based e-learning and the benefits of e-learning based on cloud computing. This study identifies different security issues in cloud service delivery model with an aim to suggest a solution in the form of security measures related to the cloud based e-learning. Different types of attacks in service delivery models of e-learning proposed by different researchers are dis-cussed. Threats, security requirements, and challenges involved are also taken into consideration. This study of e-Learning models advocates users to access their data in the cloud through a secured layer using the internet.