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An Analysis upon Various Challenges Occupied In Implementation of Cloud ERP System | Original Article

Rituraj Jain*, Manaullah Abid Husain, Vikas S. Chauhan, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


ERP provides businesses flow management and includes manufacturing, accounting, sales and customer relationship management. The new ICT technology, cloud computing, offers an alternative for businesses to conduct ERP. The traditional ERP implementation methodology involves various processes and procedures, which constitute the conditions or means for formulating the actual implementation of ERP projects. It is a time-consuming project. Cloud ERP is then a very good proposition for a start-up, and is simple to deploy, organization need not to bear additional server and other dependent costs. It is also easy and quick to implement an ERP to a business organization. However, on cloud ERP, the challenge of data security, business profit, Internet accessibility, and the total cost become initial issues for businesses to choose a fit one. This study provides a framework for businesses to adopt the cloud ERP. With the advent of Cloud ERP systems, a question of determining the state of such systems regarding customization and configuration ability arises. As there are only a few literature sources partially covering this topic, a more comprehensive and systematic literature review is needed. Cloud computing is a set of services that provide infrastructure resources using internet media and data storage on a third party server (i.e. Datacenters). SMEs are said to be the lifeblood of any vibrant economy. They are known to be the silent drivers of a nation’s economy. SMEs of India are one of the most aggressive adopters of ERP Packages. Most of the SMEs have adopted the traditional ERP Systems and have incurred a heavy cost while implementing these systems. This paper presents what are the challenges while implementing the ERP cloud on demand solution in an organization.