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An Analysis upon Isolation and Antimicrobial Activities of Soil Actinomycetes against Common Human Pathogens | Original Article

Shweta Sinha*, Baidyanath Kumar, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Antimicrobial movement of Actinomycetes isolated from the soil was deliberate for the production of novel secondary metabolites. The current research was intended to isolate Actinomycetes and evaluate their antimicrobial activity against different pathogenic bacteria. Infection caused by dermatophytic fungi in man and animals is frequent all over the world. Dermatophytoses poses a serious concern to the economically poor population of India. Fungi cause both superficial and interior mycoses. The mycoses, although normally not lethal, is unpleasant and hard to cure and cause considerable economic failure. Majority of superficial infections are caused by a strongly related group of keratinophilic fungi called dermatophytic, which cause ringworm infection or Tinea infection. Current research was intended to extend an antibiotics created by (Streptomyces spp) against dermatophytic fungi. A total of 25 soil samples were used for the isolation of soil borne Actinomycetes. They were subjected to primary screening by cross streak plate assay process against dermatophytic fungi. Then they were subjected to secondary screening by cross streak plate assay process to further check the capabilities of primarily screened organisms. Finally 5 isolates were chosen for advance a research on the basis of wide spectrum movement and superior zone of inhibition in comparison to others.